Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we can answer your questions. If you have any additional questions about GAIAVAULT, Please send us a message any time .

01 How long does it take to Buy or Sell Crypto/FIAT?

During business hours it can take upto one day. (Monday to Friday from 10am till 4pm.) Otherwise it can take upto 1 week, which depend on market volume and sentiment.

02 Do you protect my privacy?

We take your personal data very serious. We are bound to high Standards of swedish privacy laws and do not share any information unless there is a court order.

03 Is it safe to exchange, buy or sell with your plattform?

All of the transactions are vettet and executed manually at this time. There is no automatisation or any information that touches online our servers so it is basically almost impossible to get hacked.

04 What are you buisness hours?

Our buisness hours are Pasific Time between 10 am and 4 pm from Monday till Friday.

05 Can you also add other coins?

Yes. Please write us an email to support@gaiavault.com